Data  Integration 

We use Talend as our main big data integration platform. 

Talend simplifies integration  so that our clients can respond to business demands without having to write complicated big data code. It enables developers to start working withe Apache Hadoop, spark and NoSQL databases all in one platform. Talend graphical user tools and wizards can be used to generate native code to leverage the power of big data. As new Hadoop frameworks are released, Talend can be used to automatically convert the integration projects hence making them future proof esentially. 

Real time

With Talend we can provide real time integration at blazing speeds with a really fast deplyment cycle. We can connect to Apache spark streaming as well as Hadoop and other NoSQL databases in one single patform. talend generates native spark code and can be used to tyransform, enrich and cleanse data inside Hadoop. We can design solutions using spark streaming which can run upto 100 times fastre than MapReduce. Talend is the only end to end integration platform that combines IOT (like MQTT), high speed messaging (like Kafka) and high speed processing (like spark streaming) into a unified platform. We feel confident that this is going to be the platform of the future.