Pacific Data is a technology company with a special focus on processing large volumes of Data. Our expertise is in addressing and providing solutions to  specific challenges faced by many  companies which is to find a way to control the explosive growth of data that they are experiencing and how  to make  sense of the fast moving datascape.


Talend is our development environment  of choice for creating a data platform. Talend helps simplify the data integration process and reduces the need for complicated code. Improved and customized integaration services allows for more accurate data. More accurate data means more effective business intelligence solutions. Pacific  is proud to be  a HP Business partner and authorized re-seller for all HP hardware and software products. We are also in a partnership with Ingram micro for hardware and software distribution.


We have completed many successful projects and assisted our clients deploy their own custom data and analytics platforms. Our 24 by 7 support model allows our clients to be worry free from the daily demands of keeping up with the inflow of data and they can focus on their core business. 


Pacific Methodology

The lifecylce of any project for us starts with a discovery phase ( typical duration 2 weeks) where we study the exact challenges faced by our clients and do a situation analysis. Based on this discovery engagement, we suggest the next steps. Once the project is kicked off the first phase is a requirements gathering period where we do a thorough study and document the client's requirements both technical as well as Business and create a plan for the next steps. Once we have a very clear common understanding on the scope between the entire project team and all the stakeholders, we proceed to the next stages which are design, development, testing and deployment. Our holistic project management provides support from the beginning untill the end of the entire process. We utilize an agile methodology because they are adaptable and well suited for the constantly changing landscape.